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My name is Lilian Jeppesen, I live on a small hobbyfarm called “Eponagården” in a quite village in Denmark, Gesten, together with my horses, dogs, cats and chickens.

I have always been deeply fascinated by horses and dogs – I feel a deep inner sense of belonging to them and my dearest wish is to help as many of them as possible in my life.

As to horses I think they are incredibly beautiful, elegant, and intelligent animals. With their own unique language they have so much to offer us and there is always so much more to learn.

Since I finshed my studies for a clairvoyant in 1997 I have been giving clairvoyant readings to people – please see my website www.lavoyante.dk. Many years ago I then started to talk to animals - mainly horses and dogs - some would call it a “horse/dog whisperer”.  I love this work and I talk to animals in Denmark and abroad.

In 2012 I finished my studies for Equine Touch Practitioner. Depending on the horse’s issue I use this technique and telepathy in combination with healing.

Last year too I went to the market called Vorbasse Marked with my mobile home.

I informed about telepathy and clairvoyance. Inside my mobile home clients got a mini-telepathy or a mini-clairvoyance. When I did a mini-telepathy the client showed me a picture of their horse on their mobile phone.

I support:

  • that horses are trained without  violence,

  • that horses are taken care of,

  • that horses have free access to straw,

  • that horses can live without fear,

  • that horses have access to a shelter or loose-housing system,

  • that horses have never been flogged,

  • that horses are considered living creatures with emotions,

  • that horses can live a long and safe life,

  • that horse and owner understand each other,

  • that a horse is not alone in the paddock.

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