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Healing is transmission of energy

Healing is a completely natural process and means “to make something whole again”. It is an invisible flow of spiritual energy from the infinite universe to a client who, in one way or another is out of balance mentally or physically. The energy is transmitted from the healer to another person or animal in different ways: by touching them with the hands, by holding the hands near the body or by distant healing. Healing can safely be given along with any medical treatment.

When I have a horse in so much pain that it will not let me perform Equine Touch, even though it is a very gentle technique, I start by healing the horse and after the healing most horses allow me to continue Equine Touch. Healing can do no harm as it can only be used for the purpose of helping another individual.

Horses and other animals are just as receptive to healing as people. When I heal a horse the first thing I do is locate the horse’s energy field and detect the imbalances or pain. I then transmit healing to bring back balance and harmony to the body.

As with telepathy, healing can be given regardless of distance to the client. Whether I stand right next to the horse in its box or the horse lives in another country or I do the healing at distant from a photo does not matter.

If you want a healing via email please email me a photo (where I can see the body and head/eyes) only stating name, age and gender. My e-mail address is et@eponalilian.dk (with only one l in the middle).

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